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Mayhem At Walmart

I took a few photos of the mayhem left by the hoarders. Paper goods, milk and dairy, disinfectants like Lysol, wipes, and hand sanitizers were all stripped bare. Below are some photos.

Toilet paper and paper towels gone

Milk section, stripped

Dairy stripped


  1. Steve

    Wow! Dislike Hoarders. During WW2 they were ostracized.

    • Phil

      Hoarding toilet paper makes no sense. I wish I understood it. It happens every time people are afraid. During the 1973 oil embargo, people in California stripped the stores of toilet paper. Why?

      At least it’s not perishable, but why do you need 190 rolls of toilet paper?

      It must be a form of temporary insanity. Why stuff your shopping cart with 30 gallons of milk? You can’t even push the cart along.

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