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Coronavirus Covid-19 Quizzes

In the interest of getting more information on the Covid-19 virus out and in easily digested form, I’ve developed three educational quizzes. Those quizzes have been added to my existing quiz web site.

The Covid-19 virus is new and much is being learned. New discoveries are made and our knowledge refined every day. There are changes in what’s known every day. In compiling information for these quizzes, I found many examples where information published a week or two ago is already obsolete. These quizzes are based on the best information I could find as of March 18, 2020.

I will do my best to keep these quizzes up to date. Please comment here on this blog post with any updates or incorrect information you may find. Ideas for additional questions or additional quizzes are welcome. In fact, this blog post exists so that you have a place to leave comments.

Click here to go to the quizzes.


  1. Bob Giles

    I’d love to see reference sources for this , what looks to me, to be accurate information . Information over in g43 would be nice.

    • Phil

      Hello Bob,

      Sourcing would be quite a project. I’m constantly seeking the latest information from every credible source I can find, then verifying it from other sources before making a note and publishing. I considered citations at the start and decided not to bother. This isn’t a scientific paper. The source citations would be bigger than the data, and few would bother looking at them anyway.

      What’s more, much of the information is dynamic because we’re still learning. I’m editing and tuning this thing every day, as more is learned. Unfortunately, since I’m only one person, this is a zero sum game. Time spent on sourcing information that may quickly become obsolete is time not spent identifying new and important discoveries that need to be published, like the recent revelation of anosmia as a symptom.

      I would love to create a fully sourced resource, but it’s just not worth it in this dynamic, emergent, and hopefully temporary situation. The worst of this will be over in 60 days, I hope.

      I do occasionally post a link over on g43, but I don’t want to be seen as a spammer. Hahaha.

      All that said, now that the major part of this is done, I will attempt to cite sources for future information and maybe backtrack and source what’s already up. Although, I’m not sure where to place citations. Maybe in an ancillary blog post. I don’t want this one any longer than it is. 😉

      Lastly, I’m sure you’re doing research on this yourself. If you discover something that you think ought to be in the quizzes or find errors, PLEASE speak up. The more that people know, the safer we all are.

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