Standard 2-layer and high-performance 3-layer masks made here in West Virginia by yours truly are available on eBay here:

These are top-quality masks with a comfortable muslin inner liner and attractive outer designs of high density cotton in various styles. Ear bands are comfortable 1/4-inch elastic. All materials are pre-shrunk.

Masks are equipped with a 6-inch wide padded annealed copper nose wire to conform the mask to the shape of your nose and face. This stops leakage and fogging of eyeglasses, and improves filtration effectiveness.

High-performance masks include a third inner layer that serves as an electrostatic filter. These masks deliver 97 to 98 percent filtration efficiency on particles as small as 10 nanometers.

The science behind it and test results are published by the American Chemical Society here:

More designs are added to the eBay listing every couple of days.

Thanks for looking!