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Unpacking my Asus Eee PC

How long does it take to get from sealed box to surfing the net for a beginner who has never seen this machine in person before? I thought I’d video the process and find out. It would have gone quicker had I known that the Eee connects to WiFi automatically and gives no obvious indication of this. I spent time trying to establish a connection when one already existed. Of course I have that locked down now so it does not go fishing for open access points but only connects to my own WAP secured access point.


  1. Speedmaster

    Very cool! How do you like it now that it’s been a few weeks?

  2. Phil

    I absolutely love it!!! I haven’t had this much fun with a PC in many years. I replaced the default Xandros Linux on the SDD with a customized stripped down Win2K Pro SP4 and it works great, runs fast, with full functionality. The original install was only 401 megs. I also have an SD card with Pupeee Linux that runs great with full function. Now I am tinkering with Ubuntu 8.04 on another SD card. I think this machine, or several of them, will replace all of my big box desktop machines eventually.

    So the answer to your question is an unqualified “yes, I love it.”

  3. Speedmaster

    That’s very good to hear, I might end up getting one at some point. 😉

  4. Phil

    Yeah. The Eee is also the only piece of technology I’ve bought in the past 30 years that has gone UP in price after I bought it. Normally, things like computers are depreciating assets from the moment they arrive. But the Eee is going up. I paid $347 for a white 4G Surf and the cheapest I can find the same machine now is $372. My understanding is they are selling as fast as they can make them. Asus sold over a million of them in the first quarter of this year. Stores can’t keep them on the shelves. Many machines don’t even make it to the shelf. They are gone before the stock guy can unpack a case and put them on the shelf.

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