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Time-Lapse Photography (playlist)

I’ve started to shoot some time-lapse videos and posting them on YouTube in this playlist. Enjoy!

Scorpions Anyone?

I thought I’d post a video made from several clips I shot of scorpions that one occasionally encounters here where I live.



The Coolest Website Ever

Check out Academic Earth.

I’ve been wishing for this for years. Not everyone with a “Walkman” is listening to music. Some of us listen to lectures. Now it’s even better. Complete course lectures from some of the best schools, Yale, Stanford, MIT, in high quality video. Biology, physics, engineering, law, history, economics, medicine, you name it. And the collection is constantly growing.

Unpacking my Asus Eee PC

How long does it take to get from sealed box to surfing the net for a beginner who has never seen this machine in person before? I thought I’d video the process and find out. It would have gone quicker had I known that the Eee connects to WiFi automatically and gives no obvious indication of this. I spent time trying to establish a connection when one already existed. Of course I have that locked down now so it does not go fishing for open access points but only connects to my own WAP secured access point.

Are You Happy Now?

Here’s the latest video of my daughter performing “Are You Happy Now?” by Michelle Branch

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