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Cheney says no one saw financial crisis coming??

Really? I guess Mr. Cheney has not been reading my blog and thousands of others. How come we all knew and they didn’t? Stupidity? I doubt it. Cheney is a very smart guy. Intentional? What other explanation is there?

(Yahoo news story and interview no longer available.)

Cheney said that “nobody anywhere was smart enough to figure it out.” Is that so? I guess I should consider that compliment but I don’t. Anyone with a knowledge of history and economics could see it coming more than 10 years ago. You can’t borrow and borrow (in other words, print fiat money) without limit without it coming back and biting you. The same is true for countries as it is for individuals.

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    This kind of proclamation by former members of the Bush administration boils my blood. It smells of the “Karl Rove PR tactic”, whereby an individual states a lie or exaggeration and keeps repeating it with cold hard conviction and certainty, until people are brainwashed to believe it as fact.

    It infuriates me how men like this commit crimes with impunity. They’re all walking away from this fiasco of an administration, with their wallets bulging and their freedom perfectly intact. No investigations. No unveiling of corruption with due reprimands.

    McCain talked openly about the “corruption in Washington.” What? WHAT? Who is corrupt? Someone is… more than one. Point them out. Corruption is criminal, and where a crime is committed an investigation and prosecution is warranted. NOTHING has been done. It’s like being in a dictatorship… the ruling party can commit crimes with impunity and laugh in our faces with blatant lies.

    Obama brings much hope and promise… He must leverage people of integrity and character, like Ron Paul, in order to bring some semblance of fairness back in our society. But I really wish he wouldn’t let the Bush administration walk away without even so much as a checkup. If there was wrong doing (we know there was, the difficulty is proving it) and enough evidence is present to warrant an investigation, then it must be done. We can’t afford not to.

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