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Americans or Cuban-Americans?

Some articles about President Obama’s relaxed restriction on travel to Cuba say “Cuban-Americans”, others say “Americans”, others refer to both in the same article. Which is it?

And if it’s Cuban-Americans only, I have another question: since when can the government discriminate between the rights of certain Americans versus other Americans? An American citizen is an American citizen, and it’s illegal to discriminate between groups, whether along ethnic lines, race, color, religion, or any other parameter.

Why is this not mentioned in the news?

Guatemala will Open Files on CIA-Funded Genocide

It’s about time. Newly elected president of Guatemala, Alvaro Colom, will open the army’s files on the 36 years of CIA-funded genocide in Guatemala. The period began in 1954 with a CIA orchestrated coup that toppled the democratically elected president in order to further U.S. business interests. The CIA trained and installed a series of brutal dictators who were responsible for a quarter million deaths during the 36 years. The CIA also supplied thousands of names of educators and students for the dictators to eliminate.

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