YouTube is an excellent place for “candidate surfing”. Most of the candidates and as well as other politicos (Nancy Pelosi, for example) have their own channels where they post things of their choice, but more interesting are the videos posted by users. You can review all of the debates captured off network TV, listen as many times as you wish, and listen carefully to what the candidates are really saying. Many campaign as well as prior speeches by politicians and candidates are also there on YouTube for you to examine closely.

Just go to YouTube and search on candidate names or keywords such as debate. Note that you will also find plenty of videos expressing opinions on every political topic, which you may or may not find interesting, but there’s tons of stuff showing the candidates speaking for themselves.

Here are some clips to get you started:

Clips from the Democratic debates:

28 minutes from the GOP debates:

Ron Paul:

And there’s lots more up there.