Gee, isn’t that what we were doing before the Bushes got their hands on the political steering wheel? Hmm. We’d be better off putting Saddam back in power in Iraq. Oops, I forgot, we killed him. Well, now what? The Sunnis are a minority in Iraq but Saddam was a Sunni. Oh dear, what HAVE we done? This problem was plainly visible to me back in 2003, which is one of the many reasons I spoke against attacking Iraq, but nobody seemed to care because the desire for Iraq’s oil and the phony propaganda linking Saddam with 9/11 was clouding everyone’s minds. So now we have an enormous mess. We have badly upset the balance of power in the Middle East by removing the one force that was directly counterbalancing Iran (Iraq, led by Sunni, Saddam Hussein).

We can’t restore the balance now because we removed Saddam. It was he, as a Sunni leader of a country with a Shiite majority, who created the balance. We’ve now forever lost the ability to restore the balance.