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Day: April 1, 2008

Switch Inventor Honored

After decades of controversy over inventorship, the inventor of the switch was recognized and honored at a recent awards banquet of the International Organization of Electrical Engineers. Professor Turnonanof (1871-1929) was posthumously awarded the Inventor of the Year Award and inducted into the IOEE Hall of Fame. The professor’s son, Clarence “Click” Turnonanof, was present to accept the awards and give a moving presentation of his father’s achievements.

In the early days, Turnonanof’s invention was embodied in an open frame style like this:

Knife switch.

Knife switch. Click to view larger.

Later, he developed a more advanced and miniaturized form of his famous invention:

Toggle switch.

Toggle switch. Click to view larger.

A spokesperson for the IOEE said that the organization was exploring the possibility of setting up a Turnonanof scholarship.

Documents say contractor shipped home cash in box

Guillermo Contreras

The FedEx packages shipped to San Antonio contained typical souvenirs
from Iraq: jewelry, kites and T-shirts.

They also held at least $150,000 in cash, all undeclared, according to
court documents unsealed this week.

The sender, David Ricardo Ramirez, illegally took the money from the
billions of dollars that American taxpayers have poured into Iraq
since the U.S. invasion in 2003, the records show.


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